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Dr. Spahl’s treatment for our two children’s TMJ and related headaches has far exceeded our expectations. Both children’s headaches have disappeared now that their jaws are in proper position. Their teeth look wonderful, all due to Dr. Spahl’s expertise. All was corrected by appliances, without the need of surgery. Dr. Spahl and his staff have been wonderful to work with.

Mark and Rebecca

I highly recommend Dr. Spahl for TMJ treatement. I had headaches for 10 years. After the first night I had my Bionator, I awoke without a headache. My Fibromyalgia symptoms have stabilized and I can pursue a full day of activity with manageable pain and fatigue.

Thanks Dr. Spahl,

When I first started my treatment I was 12 years old & was really sick so that I hadn’t been to school in a few months. With my treatment I was able to start up school again. The treatment helped relieve my headaches, except for the occasional one. By the time, I was 16 my treatment was complete & I’m a completely different person because of it.


I had suffered from headaches and jaw pain day and night for about 30 years. Every treatment I tried including a sinus surgery in which holes were drilled in the bones around my nose, never helped. I had nothing to lose in trying TMJ treatment from Dr. Spahl. Little by little the headaches lessoned but it wasn’t until I was using the last appliance that I got complete relief of my headaches and jaw pain.

Thank You, Dr. Spahl
Praise the Lord!

Dear Dr. Spahl:

This letter is a long-overdue “thank you” for all that you have done for our daughter Holly. She is a different person now, after having had treatment from you for very serious TMJ problems. She went from being an inactive teenager in much pain and discomfort three years ago, to a very active 22 year old today.

We would like to encourage you in your efforts to help these patients with many and varied symptoms. They probably have been shuffled from one Doctor to another, from one Orthodontist to another, from one Dentist to another, and even to “mental health” Doctors. Holly was one of these people, and the memory is not a pleasant one.

We’ll never forget the first day she saw you, and you could name her symptoms before she did. At last! Someone who understood, and seemed to have a solution! When you placed the first appliance in her mouth, she knew she had found the right doctor, and there was relief coming.

May God Bless you even more in your efforts. We are very thankful you had and have the knowledge, skill and courage to treat the TMJ problem in a way that is effective.

Yours truly,
Jim and Sharolyn

Prior to seeing Dr. Spahl, Josh had headaches almost daily, often accompanied by nausea and fatigue. Within approximately 1 month of using his first TMJ appliance, Josh’s headaches diminished and eventually ceased. He has gone thru a series of appliances to help his jaw permanently remain in the correct spot. He rarely gets headaches anymore.

Thank You Dr. Spahl and staff,
Sue (Josh’s mom)

Thanks to Dr. Spahl and this procedure, I am not only alive but I am a different person with a wonderful new life.

With love and gratitude,

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