Cosmetic Fillings:

At our clinic at SPAHL DENTISTRY we use the latest in modern tooth-colored filling materials that blend in perfectly with your natural tooth color and chemically bond to the enamel for a perfect seal and a lifetime of service.

Crowns (Caps):

A crown is precision made dental restoration that completely covers or “caps” a severely broken down and/or discolored tooth and restores it to its original shape and beauty. They are made of extremely high strength modern dental materials that are often even stronger than human enamel, and as life-like (or better) than the original tooth. They are bonded to the natural tooth abutment permanently.

A crown can:

  • completely restore a broken tooth as good as new (or even better)
  • Prevent a seriously weakened tooth from fracturing
  • Restore a badly discolored tooth to its original ideal beauty, color and shape
  • Be used as part of a permanently bonded “bridge” to replace missing teeth
  • Can be bonded on to a dental implants to replace missing teeth


Permanently bonded-to-place “bridgework”, or “bridges” are beautiful and totally natural appearing dental restorations constructed to replace or “bridge” the space or “gap” where one or more teeth are missing. When one or more teeth are lost due to decay, trauma or other causes, the remaining teeth on either side of the missing space can slowly shift over time ruining the bite and sometimes causing the face to “sink in” around that area of the mouth in an unsightly fashion. Chewing efficiency and comfort are greatly compromised around if missing teeth are not replaced. Permanently bonded, natural appearing tooth colored “bridgework” can often provide the lifelong answer to these dental health, comfort, and appearance problems caused by missing teeth.

Dental Implants:

A dental implant is an object that looks like a fancy type of threaded screw. It is usually made from super-high strength titanium metal and other materials that are very well tolerated by the body. These implants are placed directly into the human jaw bone in areas of missing teeth by means of a quick, simple, painless surgical procedure performed by the dentist. They not only heal there but actually fuse directly to the jaw bone producing a permanent abutment of incredible strength, comfort and life-long durability. A portion of the metal implant is designed and engineered to protrude through the overlying gum tissue. This portion of the implant serves as an extremely solid and safe attachment site for the placement of permanent crowns or “bridgework”.

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