Root Canals (Endodontic Therapy):

Root Canal (Endodontic) Therapy is a procedure that is designed to save teeth suffering from dying abscessed nerve tissue in the center of the tooth. It is a pain relieving, not a pain causing, procedure that quickly relieves the pain of an abscessed (infected) tooth. Special instruments and techniques are used to painlessly remove the diseased (abscessing) nerve from the center of the tooth. The internal chambers of the tooth are instrumented and sterilized thus eliminating any tooth-born jaw socket infection. The internal center of the tooth (pulp chamber) and canals in the center of its roots are then filled with an inert filling substance that permanently preserves the tooth in its own socket. The tooth may then be permanently filled or otherwise restored to its original shape and function. Sometimes a crown is needed to fully and properly restore a tooth that has been treated by means of root canal (endodontic) therapy because of the engineering (strength) demands of the treated tooth. What is important to know is that root canal therapy relieves abscessed tooth pain, eliminates localized tooth socket bone infection and saves teeth!

Oral Surgery:

Routine dental extractions and routine oral surgery procedures are performed at SPAHL DENTISTRY on an out-patient basis with local, surgical level anesthesia.

Athletic Mouthguards:

Custom made athletic mouthguards are fabricated at SPAHL DENTISTRY to provide the maximum dental protection, performance and comfort of fit.

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