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One of the pioneers in Functional Jaw Orthopedics and TMD Treatment has outdone himself once again with the completion of his 4th text book:


——- An Evidence-Based Construct ——-

A must read for everyone in the Dental Profession. Dr. Spahl explains a step by step journey through the entire process of TMD Treatment for chronic recurrent migraine headache patients. This book is as close to a “Cook Book” as one could ask for. It is filled with actual cases that Dr. Spahl treated and numerous examples of real life treatment modalities that have enabled him to successfully eliminate headaches and relieve the pain to greatly improve the quality of life for thousands of TMD patients.

Dr. Spahl clearly explains to dentists the many secrets that he uses in his practice every day including:

  • The use of the Bionator as a retainer at night
  • The FACT Appliance and how to determine the correct bite for each patient
  • How to recognize and deal with a Temporal Shift; a modern and critically important finding.
  • Powering the positioners together to complete treatment with the Spahl Splint Vertical – SSV appliance system.

Just as important as how to get migraine patients out of pain is understanding why they are in pain and what is causing their issues. In this book Dr. Spahl reviews the Migraine Neuropathophysiology and that finally cracks the TMD/migraine secret code scientifically explains just why and how the headaches hurt. Everything dental doctors need to know about TMD treatment is in this book. It will help millions.


Note: The Ohlendorf Appliance Laboratory is the exclusive distributor of Dr. Spahl’s incredible new book. Dentists and physicians can order this book by calling 1-800-325-8921 or by using our website at: .

This book will assist dental clinicians in improving their patient’s lives and answers many questions as to how to treat chronic recurrent migraine type TMD/headache patients to rapid, and permanent remission using Functional Orthodontic, removable appliance techniques.

This is the first book of its kind ever written that clearly explains how to quickly and permanently eliminate TMD-generated chronic recurrent migraine headaches and accompanying facial pains.

It is destined to become a classic!

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