Bleaching/Tooth Whitening:

At SPAHL DENTISTRY we use the finest tooth whitening systems available that are easy, comfortable, practical, and economical. We custom make your own personal whitening trays. Another option is the use of prefabricated trays. Ask our hygienist as to which methods would be right for you.

Bonding/Tooth Colored Fillings:

Modern “high-tech” dental restorative materials allow us to use the equivalent of synthetic tooth colored composite materials that can be chemically bonded directly to the tooth, shaped and then polished to a high gloss by the dentist so as to quickly and easily reshape deformed, undersized or discolored teeth to ideal beauty and function. Many times this can be done without “drilling” or even without local anesthesia!


Porcelain veneers are a type of oven-fired, enamel-hard, tooth covering restoration that are custom made for exact fit. They can be bonded chemically, with super-high strength dental resins, directly to the outer surfaces of the front teeth for “movie star” beauty, shape and enhanced color.

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